Emmi-pet Care Set

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Product Description:
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Best suitable for a gentle skin and fur care.
Product description emmi-pet Care P2 Ultrasonic Attachments:
• For daily skin and fur care
• Especially designed for pets 
 Product description EICKEMEYER® Ultrasonic Gel:
• Skin and mucosa neutral pH 5,8 - 6,4
• Free from formaldehyde, no additional fragrance, no coloring and UV stabilizers, therefore a small allergic risk potential.
Put emmi-pet care Ultrasonic Attachments on the emmi-pet hand piece and add water. Put EICKEMEYER® Ultrasonic Gel on the to treated spot and hold the device on it. The application can be repeated as often as desired until the wanted result has been reached. Please rinse the treated spot with water afterwards.
2 emmi-pet Care P2 Ultrasonic Attachments
1 EICKEMEYER® Ultrasonic Gel - 250 ml
emmi-pet Care – For a gentle skin and fur care with 100% ultrasound.