Expert knowledge for all who want to know more about skin problems and how to keep your dog's coat fresh and neat.

You can ask questions in English/Danish with MARC Fox- all visitors are welcome

All are welcome, child and adult, seminar included in the admission ticket


TIME: Saturday KL. 10:00

TIME: Sunday KL. 13:00

This time we present a different dog groomer seminar. The goal is not only the aesthetic goals. Marc Fox will present us with the most modern vision in dogs hairdressing industry, from the standpoint of cosmetic dermatology and NOGGA APPROACH.

This method is created by himself with the proviso that

to anticipate and prepare for the dog's health within the teachings of the skin and fur of the dog.

Marc Fox answers questions that are both professional and private animal lovers may have, such as:

• What can I do to help my dog ​​is not scratching?
• Why does my dog ​​smells bad and lose hair after taking a shower?
• My dog's coat is dull and has no shine, it is genetically such, its normal appearance?
• I have a lovely dog ​​as morphologically exhibition ready, but it's a shame that its fur is not good quality, and I can not prepare it. Is there a solution to this?
• Is it true that wire-haired dogs should not bathe or what?

• Is it good to cut a dog's coat down to the skin?

In the dermo / cosmetic universe, there is found several solutions. The revolution is here, there is no beauty without good health, good nutrition and a good dermo / cosmetic treatment.