the dog groomer who looks after your dog's best interest!

Each treatment takes about 2.5 hours - let us know how you want the hairstyle when you arrive!

We offer

tartar treatment
bath / spa
wool combing
claw trimming


Before you come to us, it is in the dog's best interests to have rested your dog properly.

Tell us if the dog suffers from an illness such as epilepsy or heart defects so that we can help or take it a little more carefully with him / her.

Tell if the dog is medicated.

When the dog is picked up, please wait outside so that the dog does not jump when I hold the scissors close to the dog.

At your first visit, you will receive an information sheet with the dog's information to be signed and submitted, otherwise we can not receive your dog. We can not be responsible for any events, such as bite injuries to trimmers. In the event of any incidents, the dog's insurance always comes in first, the dog is left at its own risk.

Feel free to leave your mobile number.

Do not forget to tell special wishes, or if the dog is nervous and a muzzle is needed.

If you come with your dog for grooming / stripping, you should not have bathed the dog before, as it makes work difficult for us and causes pain for the dog.

If the weather is bad outside, beware of this item. bring rainwear for the dog or hold an umbrella over the dog.

That we do not work with the owner in the shop is due to the dog seeking support from him and then it becomes much more difficult for us to work with the dog.

Our assessment is that everyone involved feels best that the dog is alone with us.

Please respect the submission and delivery times!

Download grooming waiver agreement to be signed before treatment! HERE