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Emmi®-pet Professional Package

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Protection and hygiene handling your emmi®-pet

A healthy dental apparatus in animals has just as positive an effect as in humans. Inflammation of the gums, formation of tartar, periodontitis or mechanical tartar removal in combination with anaesthesia lead to great stress for the animal and its owner. emmi®-pet has been developed to treat or even prevent such conditions.

It is important to disinfect your hands regularly, especially in autumn and winter when the flu epidemic is rampant, as this frees you from bacteria much more effectively than normal hand washing. Nitras Medical Skin and Hand Disinfection is antibacterial, antifungal, fragrance-free and also suitable for particularly sensitive skin.

The Black Scorpion latex gloves are extremely stable and robust. Nevertheless, their thin texture allows you to achieve an optimal sense of touch. They are dermatologically tested and have a minimized allergy risk. Use these high-quality gloves during the sounding of your four legged friend.
emmi®-pet - Protect yourself and your animal from bacteria !



  • 1emmi®-pet Hand-Piece
  • 1 emmi®-pet A1/A2 Ultrasonic Attachments
  • 1 emmi®-pet ZA Ultrsonic Toothpaste for Pets
  • 1 emmi®100-240 Charging Station
  • 10 emmi®-pet Rosewood Sticks
  • 1 Nitras Medical Hand Disinfection - 250ml
  • 1 Latex gloves Black Scorpion - size M - Content: 100 pieces