Emmi®-pet HOCL Ear cleaner solution - 75ml

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Emmi®-pet HOCL Ear Cleaner Solution - 75ml

The emmi®-pet Ear Cleaner Solution is a product for the safe, simple and efficient cleaning of animal ears. Dirt and impurities are rinsed out, irritations are alleviated, and bacteria, viruses and fungi are specifically combated. The emmi®-pet Ear Cleaner Solution is very well tolerated and is suitable both for routine cleaning and for the targeted combating of unpleasant odours and irritations.


  • - Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • - Painless application
  • - Free from antibiotics
  • - Without alcohol
  • - Very kind to the skin
  • - pH neutral
  • - Without colorants and fragrances
  • - No known resistances or contraindications
  • - Harmless when taken orally

Application ear:

  • - Guide the ear cleaner carefully to the ear
  • - Insert the solution into the auricle and ear canal by gently pressing on the bottle
  • - Massage the ear from the outside lightly with the whole hand to distribute the ear cleaner evenly
  • - Carefully clean the auricle with a swab or cotton swab
  • - Application can be repeated several times a day