Emmi-dent M2 Wave* - for adults

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Emmi-dent M2 * Wave - For adults 

Ultrasonic tips for cleaning teeth with 100% original ultrasound 
Please note that the emmi-dent M2 Wave tips are only suitable for use with the emmi-dent Platinum ultrasonic toothbrush. 
The newly designed bristles of the emmi-dent ultrasound attachment emmi-dent M2 Wave, with different lengths of 9 mm and 7.5 mm, provide even better and more effective teeth cleaning and oral hygiene in combination with the original ultrasound and the ultrasonic toothpastes of emmi-dent. 
This is especially true for the removal of plaque, food debris, discoloration and impurities in the interdental spaces and on the tooth necks. An excellent development, which also reflects the cooperation and the great commitment of Dr. Ing. med. dent. Andreas Borchert, dental consultant of emmi ultrasonic, is to thank. 
You should change the ultrasound attachment at the latest after a service life of 3 months. After this period, the ability of the bristles to transmit the ultrasound to 100% weakens and optimal dentistry and oral hygiene is no longer guaranteed. 
The delivery includes 2 pieces. 
emmi-dent M2 Wave - Even more effective teeth cleaning and oral hygiene. 
*) Only suitable for the emmi-dent Platinum models.