Emmi-dent Kids - Ultrasonic Toothpaste for Children - 75ml

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Protect the teeth of your children with 100% Original Ultrasound and with the especially for children formulated emmi-dent Kids Ultrasonic Toothpaste against caries and plaque. Mostly the dental health of children isn't paid enough attention. This can lead to caries, periodontitis or dental loss, even at young age. You can lay the headstone to healthy teeth with the help of the 100% Original Ultrasound and the Ultrasonic Toothpaste, emmi-dent Kids.  

Dental cleaning will now be even more fun for your children. By using emmi-dent Kids, the dental enamel is protected and your kids will love the taste of emmi-dent Kids. Try it out! 
emmi-dent Kids contains no gluten, nano materials or micro plastic. 
The emmi-dent Kids Ultrasonic Toothpaste, used together with emmi-dent 100% Original Ultrasound, generates micro bubbles which guarantee a perfect dental cleaning and oral hygiene. In every split second the Original emmi-dent Ultrasound and the emmi-dent Ultrasonic Toothpaste jointly create millions of micro-bubbles within the mouth. These micro-bubbles can penetrate even the smallest dental abrasions and gaps. The ultrasonic air oscillations cause these micro-bubbles to implode, removing impurities, traces of food, germs and bacteria.   
Brushing your teeth, which is necessary when using a regular toothpaste, is not necessary when using emmi-dent's Ultrasonic Toothbrushes and Toothpastes. For this reason, people with sensitive, inflamed or receeding gums can relax in the knowledge that their gums are now being gently taken care of. With emmi-dent, experiencing pain during your dental cleaning process is a thing of the past! 
With the usage of the emmi-dent ultrasonic technology there is no abrasive brushing motion. This way our ultrasonic toothpaste will not damage or hurt your tooth’s enamel or gum. The teeth don’t lose their natural protection against bacteria and the danger of dental diseases decreases.
1 Tube emmi-dent Kids - 75ml 
Please follow the following advice for children under the age of 6 years: 
Use only a pea-sized amount of ultrasonic toothpaste. To avoid swallowing, please supervise your children whilst cleaning their teeth. This product contains 500 ppm (Parts per Million) flouride. Should your child take any additional fluoride, please contact your dentist or family doctor. 
emmi-dent Kids - Healthy teeth from the very beginning.